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Federico Pecora
Visiting Scholar, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Personal Homepage
Research Interests

My research activity concerns themes related to Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on Decision Support Systems, Planning and Scheduling algorithms and Multi-Agent Systems. In particular, some specific research topics are:

  • Planning and Scheduling integration: developing and combining automated causal and time/resource reasoning systems;
  • Planning and Scheduling for Multi-Agent Systems: planning and scheduling techniques for solving problems with concurrency and resource contention;
  • Knowledge Representation for Planning and Scheduling: representation of causal, temporal, and resource-related aspects of planning/scheduling problems;
  • Computational tractability of planning: issues related to computational tractability with respect to particular solving algorithms;

These research interests have been matured through my work at the Planning and Scheduling Team of the Italian National Research Council, of which I am an active member, and in particular in the context of the RoboCare project, whose aim is to develop multi-agent support systems for the care of the elderly. The specific topics that are dealt with in this project are Human-Robot Interaction, Planning and Scheduling integration and Mixed-Initiative Planning and Scheduling.

Research Interest Keywords
artificial intelligenceconstraint-directed reasoningplanning and schedulingscheduling