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Marcel Becker
Systems Scientist, RI
No longer a member of RI.
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Research Interests

My research interests are in artificial intelligence, mixed-initiative problem-solving, software architectures for advanced planning and scheduling, constraint satisfaction, and operations management. My current research focuses on the design and implementation of a flexible software infrastructure for the rapid development of planning and scheduling applications.

The design and development of this infrastructure is based on the latest software architecture and knowledge acquisition principles. The planning and scheduling problem-solving is performed by a set of generic and reusable constraint-satisfaction algorithms that can be easily customized to a number of different problem domains. One of the main components of this problem-solving approach is an advanced visualization tool that allows the dynamic generation and interactive repair of plans and schedules generated by the application. The system and the external user interact in a mixed-initiative mode in which manual and automatic problem-solving activities are transparently integrated.

In terms of applications, this generic software architecture and problem-solving model have been successfuly applied to solve problems in the area of trasportation and logistics, manufacturing, project scheduling, and air campaign planning.

Research Interest Keywords
architecturesartificial intelligencemanufacturingplanning and schedulingrapid prototypingscheduling