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Remzo Dedic
Visiting Scholar, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Research Interests

My current research interest is the mechanization of above - knee prosthesis, which will help disabled people to climb stairs. The goal is to place two hydraulic cylinders in existing above - knee prosthesis on key joints: one on the knee joint, and the other on the ankle joint. These cylinders will provide enough force to move the person over an obstacle. A hydraulic battery power source will be used.

My past research interests include mechanisms for hydraulic lifting and work platforms and hydraulic installations for all types of platforms.

My interests include many forms of transportation, such are all type of conveyers and monorail transport systems, especially monorail diesel - hydraulic locomotives in underground coal mines.

Research Interest Keywords
actuatorsdesignlegged locomotionmechanismsmedical applicationsobstacle avoidance