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Alan Schultz
Adjunct Faculty, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Research Interests

My current research passion is human-robot interaction with an emphasis in cognitive robotics, multi-modal interaction, and social robotics. In general, I am interested in peer-to-peer relationships between humans and robots working together in teams. The interactions should be natural for the human, with the robots accommodating the human, not the human having to accommodate the robot.

Cognitive Robotics:

In cognitive robotics, we wish to create cognitively capable robots that can interact more naturally with humans. Through analysis of human team behavior, we build computational cognitive models of particular high-level human skills that we have determined to be critical for good peer-to-peer collaboration and interaction. We then use these cognitive models as reasoning mechanisms on the robot, allowing the robot to make decisions that are conducive to good interaction with the human.

Multi-Modal Interfaces:

Interactions with the robot should be natural for the human, given the particular task at hand. Good interfaces should use a combination of speech/language, gestures and other interfaces like sketch pads.

Social Robotics:

Robots must not intrude in our life. As robots become more ubiquitous, we will be interacting with them not only as users, but also incidentally. Robots must act in a friendly manner, and should respect social standards. By using computational cognitive models, we can give robots these social skills.