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Paul Rybski
Senior Systems Scientist, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Personal Homepage
Research Interests

My long-term career goal is to explore domains of human/robot interaction where robots and humans can treat each other as equal partners or teammates. To achieve this goal, robots not only need to be able to perceive and model inanimate objects in the world but also accurately infer the activities, goals, and intentions of humans. My interests in developing autonomous robots for human/robot interaction have led me to explore a number of different applications where such technologies will have a significant societal impact. Just as people live and work in a wide range of environments, technologies that will facilitate human/robot interaction must be applicable in a set of domains that is equally diverse. The domains in which I am working include:

  • Social interactions between humans and service robots: human-sized mobile robots that operate indoors and interact with people through spoken language dialogue;
  • Traffic interactions between humans and autonomous cars: autonomous vehicles that operate on roads populated with humans who drive cars, ride bicycles, and walk on foot; and
  • Assembly interactions between humans and industrial robots: robotic assembly cells that track the extremities of people working in close proximity to them.

Research Interest Keywords
artificial intelligencefield roboticshuman-robot interactionmobile robotsmultirobot systemsrobot soccersensor fusion