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Wilson Chang
Visiting Scholar, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Research Interests

Our research has two main focuses: 1. Real-Time Tomographic Reflection (RTTR) and specifically the Sonic Flashlight, and 2. Medical image analysis and development of the Insight Tool Kit (ITK). The Sonic Flashlight is a novel method for displaying ultrasound images in-situ without any head mounted display apparatus. We are currently planning on moving this to preliminary clinical and animal studies. ITK is a National Library of Medicine funded, extreme-programming project with development spearheaded by GE, Kitware, Insightful, and numerous universities. ITK is a open-source tool kit to perform many commonly utilized methods for image analysis and segmentation. We contribute to the core ITK and our algorithms, specifically medial node/core-atom based shape analysis.

Research Interest Keywords
bioengineeringimage processingmedical applicationsmedical imagingobject recognition