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John Bares
Research Professor, RI Currently On Leave
Office: NREC
Phone: (412) 251-0312
Fax: 412-251-0319
  Mailing address:
National Robotics Engineering Center
#10 40th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Affiliated Center(s):
 National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC)
 Field Robotics Center (FRC)
Personal Homepage

Past Projects [Current Projects]
We are developing the Ambler, a six-legged walking robot that addresses the challenges of exploring rugged terrains, acquiring samples, and avoiding dangerous situations.
Asbestos Pipe-Insulation Removal Robot System (BOA)
External pipe-crawling asbestos-removal robot
Dante II
Planetary Exploration
Robotic All Terrain Lunar Exploration Rover (Ratler)
Ratler is a battery-powered, four-wheeled, skid-steered vehicle used as a testbed to develop the remote driving techniques needed for a lunar mission.
We developed the Terregator to serve as a testbed machine for a wide variety of projects.
Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle (UGCV) (Spinner)
We are leading a team to develop a next-generation unmanned ground combat vehicle.