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The Robotics Institute is a diverse, multi-disciplinary department. The Institute's faculty and students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and represent many unique areas of expertise. This diversity stems from the multi-disciplinary nature of the robotics, which encompasses aspects of computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, psychology, and many other disciplines.

We are proud of the open, friendly culture that has been the hallmark of the Robotics Institute since its inception. Faculty keep their office doors open to encourage informal meetings with students and colleagues. Graduate students organize frequent department-wide social activities, ranging from Friday afternoon get-togethers to white water rafting trips. And the department's strong support for collaboration creates an ideal environment for world class robotics research.

New People at the Robotics Institute

Rachel Holladay
Robotics Additional Major
Joined us in October
Eui-Jung Jung
Joined us in September
Austin Davis
Robotics Minor
Joined us in October
Wei-Chiu Ma
Masters Student
Joined us in August
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