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Seegrid Hires MRSD Interns as Full-time Employees
May 12, 2014

Seegrid Corporation, the leader in vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs), recently expanded its staff to meet product demand, hiring two Carnegie Mellon interns as full-time employees.

The new hires, Harshavardhan Shirolkar and S. Selvam Raju, interned at Pittsburgh-based Seegrid as part of the Robotics Institute's Master's Program in Robotic Systems Development (MRSD).

"Many Seegrid employees are CMU graduates and when looking for interns, CMU is the first place to capture the best and brightest talent," said Hank Wilde, Seegrid systems engineer. "Harshavardhan and S. Selvam bring fresh, exciting, and innovative approaches to the company. Hiring local graduates is part of Seegrid’s mission to keep and create jobs in Pittsburgh and support local universities."

Seegrid is a spin off of the Robotics Institute. Seegrid’s chief scientist and co-founder, Hans Moravec, invented the core vision-guided technology used today by all Seegrid AGVs. Moravec was a faculty member of the Robotics Institute and is now a member of the adjunct faculty.

"I am delighted to have two of CMU’s Robotics Institute Master’s students joining Seegrid," said Hagen Schempf,director of the MSRD program. "We believe the MRSD degree to be unique and offering an advantage to future graduates competing in today’s labor-market. We look forward to Seegrid working with CMU’s Robotics Institute into the future, as the MRSD program continues to grow in profile and bolstering its rank of successful alumni."

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