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Caterpillar Will Sponsor Tranquility Trek
August 23, 2010

Astrobotic Technology, a Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) spin-off company, has announced that Caterpillar Inc. will be a sponsor of its first robotic expedition to the lunar surface.

The initial Astrobotic mission, Tranquility Trek, will revisit the Apollo 11 site in April 2013 with a five-foot tall, 160-lb. robot broadcasting 3D high-definition video. The mission will carry payloads to the Moon and convey the experience to the world via Internet video access.

The expedition also will claim a financial trifecta: up to $24 million in the Google Lunar X Prize, a $10 million data sale to NASA, and Florida’s $2 million bonus for launching from that state.
For more information, visit the Astrobotic Technology website.