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RI | Thesis Proposal | 29 Sep 2005

Robotics Institute Thesis Proposal 29 Sep 2005
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The Role of Compliance in Legged Locomotion

Jonathan Hurst
Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

Place and Time

NSH 1507
2:00 PM


I propose to study the role of leg stiffness in running through mathematical analysis, simulation, and testing on a bipedal running robot, Dikon. One of several methods by which animals control their running gait is adjustment of leg stiffness. Simulation case studies also indicate that leg stiffness is a useful method of control, and can contribute to passive stability. I seek to find quantitative measures to determine the effects of leg stiffness on the energetic efficiency of a running gait, to enable informed control policies on robotic running systems.

Further Details

A copy of the thesis proposal document can be found at

Thesis Committee

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