Proceedings of ISER '00

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Invited Speakers

Session M-I: Humanoids and Human-Robot Interaction

Author: N. Turro and O. Khatlib

Affiliation: Stanford University

Title: Haptically Augmented Teleoperation (Added Feb 2, 2001)

Author: Y. Yokokohji, I. Imaida, Y. Ida, T. Doi, M. Oda, and T. Yoshikawa

Affiliation: Kyoto University and the National Space Development Agency of Japan

Title: Bilateral Teleoperation: Towards Fine Manipulation with Large Time Delay (Updated Feb 6, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: J. Amat, M. Frigola, and A. Casals

Affiliation: IRL Robotics Institute and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

Title: Virtual Exoskeleton for Telemanipulation (Added Jan 31, 2001)

Author: M. Okada, Y. Nakamura, and S. Ban

Affiliation: University of Tokyo

Title: Design of Programmable Passive Compliance for Humanoid Shoulder (Updated Feb 9, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: S. Kagami, K. Nishiwaki, J. Kuffner, T. Sugiuhara, M. Inaba, and H. Inoue

Affiliation: University of Tokyo

Title: Design, Implementation, and Remote Operation of the Humanoid H6 (Updated Jan 31, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: T. Debus, J. Stoll, P. Dupont, and R. Howe

Affiliation: Boston University and Harvard University

Title: Cooperative Human and Machine Perception in Teleoperated Assembly (Updated Feb 1, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: C. Breazeal

Affiliation: MIT

Title: Regulations and Entertainment in Human Robot Interaction (Added Feb 13, 2001)

Session M-II: Perception

Author: A. Zelinsky, O. Sutherland, H. Truong, and S. Rougeaux

Affiliation: Australian National University

Title: Advancing Active Vision Systems by Improved Design and Control (Updated Feb 19, 2001)

Author: T. Henderson and Y. Chen

Affiliation: University of Utah

Title: S-Nets: Smart Sensor Networks (Added Jan 25, 2001)

Author: K. Roufas, Y. Zhang, D. Duff, and M. Yim

Affiliation: Xerox Parc

Title: Six Degree of Freedom Sensing for Docking Using IR LED Emitters and Receivers (Updated Feb 1, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: P. Corke, P. Sikka, and J. Roberts

Affiliation: CSIRO Australia

Title: Height Estimation for an Autonomous Helicopter (Added Feb 1, 2001)

Author: J. Macedo, R. Manduchi, and L. Matthies

Affiliation: University of San Diego and JPL

Title: Ladar-based Discrimination of Grass from Obstacles for Autonomous Navigation (Updated Feb 23, 2001)

Author: D. K. Pai, J. Lang, J. E. Lloyd, and J. L. Richmond

Affiliation: University of British Columbia

Title: Reality-Based Modeling with ACME: a Progress Report (Added Jan 30, 2001)

Session M-III: Assembly and Manipulation

Author: M. Kaneko, T. Shirai, K. Harado, and T. Tsuji

Affiliation: Hiroshima University

Title: Grasp Strategy Simplified by Detaching Assist Motion (DAM) (Added Jan 31, 2001)

Author: R. DeLuca, A. Rizzi, and R. Hollis

Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University

Title: Force-based Interaction for Distributed Precision Assembly (Added Feb 5, 2001)

Author: J. Suthakorn and G. Chrikijian

Affiliation: Johns Hopkins University

Title: Design and Implementation of a New Discretely-Actuated Manipulator (Updated Mar 7, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: P. Dario, M. C. Carrozza, S. Micera, B. Massa, and M. Zecca

Affiliation: Mitech Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and Centro INAIL RTR

Title: Design and Experiments on a Novel Biomechatronic Hand (Updated Feb 23, 2001)

Author: S. Yu and B. Nelson

Affiliation: University of Minnesota

Title: Autonomous Injection of Biological Cells Using Visual Servoing (Updated Mar 7, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: H. Kazerooni and C. Foley

Affiliation: University of California Berkeley

Title: Design and Control of a Novel Robotic End-Effector for Grabbing and Holding Sacks and Bags

Session T-I: Medical, Space, and Field Applications

Author: J. Szewczyk, V. de Sars, P. Bidaud, and G. Dumont

Affiliation: University of Paris

Title: An Active Tubular Polyarticulated Micro-System for Flexible Endoscope (Updated Mar 8, 2001)

Author: A. Krupa, C. Doignon, G. Gangloff, M. deMathelin, L. Soler, and G. Morel

Affiliation: University of Strasbourg, IRCAD, and EDF R & D, France

Title: Towards Semi-Autonomy in Laparoscopic Surgery Through Vision and Force Feedback Control (Updated Feb 2, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: E. Coste-Maniere, L. Adhami, R. Severac-Bastide, A. Lobontiu, J. K. Salisbury, J.-D. Boissonnat, N. Swarup, G. Guthart, E. Mousseaux, and A. Carpentier

Affiliation: INRIA, Hopital Europeen Georges Pompidou, and Intuitive Surgical Inc.

Title: Optimized Port Placement for the Totally Endoscopic Corinary Artery Bypass Grafting using the da Vinci Robotic System (Added Jan 29, 2001)

Author: K. Yoshida

Affiliation: Tohoku University

Title: ETS VII Flight Experiments for Space Robot Dynamics and Control; Theories on laboratory test beds ten years ago, now in orbit (Updated Feb 6, 2001)

Author: M. D. Lichter, V. A. Sujan, and S. Dubowsky

Affiliation: MIT

Title: Experimental Demonstrations for a New Paradigm in Space Robotics (Added Feb 1, 2001)

Author: Y. Hada and S. Yuta

Affiliation: Tsukuba University

Title: A First-stage Experiment of Long Term Activity of Autonomous Mobile Robot--Result of Repetitive Base-Docking over a Week (Added Jan 29, 2001)

Session T-II: Locomotion

Author: S. A. Bailey, J. Cham, M. Cutkosky, and R. Full

Affiliation: Stanford University and Unversity of California Berkeley

Title: Comparing the Locomotion Dynamics of the Cockroach and a Shape Deposition Manufactured Biomimetic Hexapod (Updated Mar 7, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: S. Hirose

Affiliation: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Title: Super Mechano-System: New Perspective for Versatile Robotic System (Added Feb 19, 2001)

Author: K. Kotay, D. Rus, M. Vona

Affiliation: Dartmouth

Title: Using Modular Self-reconfigurable Robots for Locomotion (Added Feb 7, 2001)

Author: K. A. McIsaac and J. P. Ostrowski

Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania

Title: Open-Loop Verification of Motion Planning for an Underwater Eel-like Robot (Added Jan 30, 2001)

Author: S. Talebi, L. Poulakakis, M. Buehler, and E. Papadopoulos

Affiliation: McGill University and NTU Athens

Title: Quadriped Robot Running with a Bounding Gait (Added Jan 30, 2001)

Author: H. Komsuoglu, R. Altendorfer, U. Saranli, D. Koditschek, B. Brown, M. Buehler, M. N. Moore, D. McMordie, and R. Full

Affiliation: University of Michigan, CMU, McGill University, and University of California Berkeley

Title: Evidence for Spring Loaded Inverted Pendulum Running in a Hexapod Robot (Added Jan 31, 2001)

Session T-III: Multi-robot Systems

Author: R. Alur, A. Das, J. Esposito, R. Fierro, G. Grudic, Y. Hur, V. Kumar, I. Lee, J. P. Ostrowski , G. Pappas, B. Southall, J. Spletzer, and C. J. Taylor

Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania

Title: A Framework and Architecture for Multirobot Coordination (Added Jan 30, 2001)

Author: Y. Hirata, K. Kosuge, H. Asama, H. Kaetsu, and K. Kawabata

Affiliation: Tohoku University and The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, RIKEN

Title: Motion Control of Distributed Robot Helpers Transporting a Single Object in Cooperation with a Human (Added Jan 31, 2001)

Author: R. Simmons, S. Singh, D. Hershberger, J. Ramos, and T. Smith

Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University

Title: First Results in the Coordination of Heterogeneous Robots for Large-Scale Assembly (Added Feb 22, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: C. Bererton and P. Khosla

Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University

Title: Toward a Team of Robots with Repair Capabilities: A Visual Docking System (Updated Mar 2, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: A. W. Stroupe, M. C. Martin, and T. Balch

Affiliation: Carneie Mellon University

Title: Merging Gaussian Distributions for Object Localization in Multi-Robot Systems (Updated Mar 2, 2001)

Author: B. P. Gerkey and M. J. Mataric

Affiliation: University of Southern California

Title: Principled Communication for Dynamic Multi-Robot Task Allocation (Added Feb 1, 2001)

Author: M. Asada, A. Birk, E. Pagello, M. Fujita, I. Noda, S. Tadokoro, D. Duhaut, P. Stone, M. M. Veloso, H. Kitano, and B. Thomas

Affiliation: Osaka University, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, University of Padua, SONY Corporation, AIST MITI Japan, Kobe University, LRP France, AT&T Labs, CMU, Bellarine Secondary College Australia

Title: Progress in RoboCup Soccer Research in 2000 (Updated Feb 5, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Session W-I: Modelling and Motion Planning

Author: Y. Yu and K. K. Gupta

Affiliation: Simon Fraser University

Title: View Planning via C-Space Entropy for Efficient Exploration with Eye-in-Hand Systems (Updated Jan 24, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: E. Yoshida, S. Murata, A. Kaminura, K. Tomita, H. Korokawa, and S. Kokaji

Affiliation: Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Title: Motion Planning for a Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robot (Updated Jan 29, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: M. Deans and M. Herbert

Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University

Title: Experimental Comparison of Techniques for Localization and Mapping using a Bearings Only Sensor (Updated Mar 9, 2001)

Author: H. Gonzalez-Banos and J.-C. Latombe

Affiliation: Stanford University

Title: Robot Navigation for Automatic Construction using Safe Regions (Added Jan 31, 2001)

Author: Z. J. Butler, A. Rizzi, and R. Hollis

Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University

Title: Simulation and Experimental Evaluation of Complete Sensor-based Coverage in Rectilinear Environments (Added Jan 30, 2001)

Author: F. Boux de Casson, D. D'aulignac, and C. Laugier

Affiliation: INRIA

Title: An Interactive Model of the Human Liver (Updated Feb 19, 2001)

Session W-II: Control

Author: R. Mills, J. Hollerbach, and W. Thompson

Affiliation: University of Iowa and University of Utah

Title: The Biomechanical Fidelity of Slope Simulation on the Sarcos Treadport Using Whole-Body Force Feedback (Added Jan 30, 2001)

Author: M. R. Sirouspour and S. E. Salcudean

Affiliation: University of British Columbia

Title: A New Approach to the Control of a Hydraulic Stewart Platform (Updated Mar 7, 2001)

Author: Y. Matsuoka and W. Townsend

Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University and Barrett Technology

Title: Design of Life-Size Haptic Environments (Updated Mar 26, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: M. Kwok, W. Zhou, W. Li, and Y. Xu

Affiliation: University of Hong Kong

Title: Micro Nafion Actuators for Cellular Motion Control and Underwater Manipulation (Updated Feb 25, 2001)

Author: N. A. Andersen, L. Skovgaard, and O. Ravn

Affiliation: Technical University of Denmark

Title: Control of an Underactuated Unstable Nonlinear Object (Added Jan 31, 2001)

Author: D. Oetomo, M. H. Ang Jr., and L. S. Long

Affiliation: University of Singapore and Gintic Institue of Manufacturing Technology

Title: Singularity Handling on Puma in Operational Space Formulation (Updated Mar 5, 2001)

Session W-III: Navigation and Localization

Author: S. Lacroix, A. Mallet, D. Bonnafous, G. Bauzil, S. Fleury, M. Herrb, and R. Chatila

Affiliation: LAAS/CNRS

Title: Autonomous Rover Navigation on Unknown Terrains Functions and Integration (Updated Feb 15, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: S. Majumder, J. Rosenblatt, S. Scheding, and H. Durrant-Whyte

Affiliation: University of Sydney

Title: Map Building and Location for Underwater Navigation (Updated Mar 2, 2001)

Author: L. Iocchi, K. Konolige, and M. Bajracharya

Affiliation: University of Rome, SRI and MIT

Title: Visually Realistic Mapping of a Planar Environment with Stereo (Updated Feb 23, 2001)

Author: J. Leonard and M. Rikoski

Affiliation: MIT

Title: Incorporation of Delayed Decision Making into Stochastic Mapping (Updated Mar 9, 2001)

Author: R. Jarvis

Affiliation: Monash University

Title: Tele-Autonomous Watercraft Navigation (Added Feb 15, 2001)

Author: S. Choi and O. Easterday

Affiliation: University of Hawaii

Title: An Underwater Vehicle Monitoring System and Its Sensors (Updated Mar 7, 2001) NOTE: Title Change

Author: H. Wang, J. Xu, J. Guzman, R. Jarvis, T. Goh, and C. Chan

Affiliation: Nanyang Technical University, Singapore, Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Singapore, Monash University, and Defence Science Technology Agency, Singapore

Title: Real-time Obstacle Detection for AGV Navigation using Multi-baseline Stereo (Added Jan 17, 2001)

Invited Speakers

Author: G. Hirzinger, J. Butterfass, M. Fischer, M. Grebenstein, M. Hahnle, H. Liu, I. Schaefer, N. Sporer, M. Schedl, and R. Koeppe

Affiliation: German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Title: A new Generation of Light-weight Robot Arms and Multifingered Hands (Added Feb 16, 2001)