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RI Seminar: Katsushi Ikeuchi
From Shape-from-shading through e-Heritage

Katsushi Ikeuchi
Professor, The University of Tokyo

September 05, 2014, 3:30-4:30, NSH 1305

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This talk overviews my research activities from the shape-from-shading through the current e-Heritage project, which digitizes tangible and in-tangible heritage, analyzes such data for archaeological research and displays in the cloud computer for preservation and promotion.

I began my pos-doc career at MIT working on shape-from-shading under BKP Horn. Later, I began a project at CMU, with Raj Reddy and Takeo Kanade, to obtain not only shape but also reflectance. This attempt has later grown into image-based modeling. After returning to Japan, I applied those modeling and analyzing techniques to cultural heritage for the preservation, analysis and promotion.

In this talk, I will not only cover the current results but also overview the flow of the research conducted along this line with the emphasis of what were the motivations and how each research stepped into next level of research, and will try to extract key lessons learned through these activities. This is an extended version of my distinguished researcher award talk at Barcelona ICCV with the addition of new archaeological findings obtained from the analysis of the e-Heritage data.

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Host: Martial Hebert

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Speaker Biography

Dr. Katsushi Ikeuchi is a Professor at the University of Tokyo. He received a Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1978. After working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AI Lab for two years, Electrotechnical Lab, Japan for five years, and Carnegie Mellon University for ten years, he joined the university in 1996. His research interest spans computer vision, robotics, and computer graphics. He general/program-chaired more than a dozen of international conferences, including IROS95, CVPR96, ICCV03, ICRA2009, ICPR2012. He is an EIC of International Journal of Computer Vision. He has received several awards, including the IEEE Marr Award, the IEEE RAS “most active distinguished lecturer” award and the IEEE PAMI-TC Distinguished Researcher Award as well as Shiju Houshou (the Medal of Honor with Purple ribbon) from the Emperor of Japan. He is a fellow of IEEE, IEICE, IPSJ, and RSJ