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The Robotics Institute is an international leader in robotics education. The world's first Robotics PhD program was founded here in 1988 with the goal of providing graduate students with the knowledge, experience, and skills to become the next leaders in robotics research and education. Graduates from the PhD program have taken on roles ranging from faculty in top universities to designing and controlling Mars rovers.

Since the start of the Robotics PhD program, we have steadily grown and expanded our programs of study. Today, we offer diverse opportunities at all levels of education - from masters programs and an undergraduate minor for Carnegie Mellon students down to the K-12 level, where our renowned programs, workshops, and summer classes inspire and educate the next generation of roboticists.

Academic Programs

  • PhD in Robotics

    The world's first doctoral program in robotics teaches graduate students to be tomorrow's leaders in robotics research.

  • MS in Robotics

    A two year master's program that teaches the fundamentals of robotics theory and practice through coursework and independent research.

  • MS in Robotic Systems Development (MRSD)

    The MRSD is an advanced graduate degree for beginning or early-entry practicing professionals that are already in, or seeking to enter into, the field of robotics and automation.

  • MS in Computer Vision (MSCV)

    A 16 month masters program that teaches the fundamentals of computer vision theory to prepare students for careers in industry.

  • MS in Robotics Technology (MS-RT)

    A two year collaborative international program that teaches future technology entrepreneurs the foundations of robotics, software engineering, and management.

Undergraduate Programs

  • BS with additional Robotics Major

    Whether the goal is to obtain employment or continue with further education, a robotics additional major prepares a student for a broad range of post-graduate experiences.

  • BS with Robotics Minor

    An undergraduate program that teaches the principles and practice of robotics through theoretical studies and hands-on experience with robots.

  • BS plus MS in Robotics (fifth year)

    A special Masters program that enables Carnegie Mellon undergraduates to complete a master's degree in their fifth year.


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