We offer all aspects of professional video and audio production services, as well as top of the line post-production facilities and equipment. We bring creative expertise to each and every step of the process: Scripting, storyboarding, shooting, lighting, editing, design and audio mixing. Your educational, research and marketing videos can have the high production value your audience expects.  

HD Video Production

Creating a video is a multi-step process where customer input is crucial. Initial meetings pose questions about goals, themes and who, specifically, the audience is. These ideas develop into multiple script concepts and provide a guide through the production process.

Once a script is written and approved, shooting can take place. Motion graphics, animations and titles are created to compliment the footage and to reinforce the overall theme and message.

We have invested in a new Panasonic HPX-500, a chromakey system and new lighting gear.

audio production

We offer rights-released music and professional voice over talent resources to jazz up your video and Web animations. More than just audio recording - sweetening, mixing, and sound design require sonic engineering.

HD Bluray and SD DVD authoring

We offer all aspects of DVD authoring: From the graphic design and programming of menus, to the encoding of the video clips and creation of discs and packaging.


VHS, miniDV, full-size DVCam and BetacamSP tape can be digitized in a variety of forms: SD DVD and DV Files being the usual options.